Jack Hampson photography retouching example

Retouching example.

This is another retouching example - Jack Hampson photography - Copyright Jack Hampson

Retouching example 2 - Background replacement

Retouching can take place all over the world, Through the miricle of the internet, I can retouch your images after you have sent them to me.

This is a retouching example from one of my previous fashion shoots. Retouching can be done as drastic, or as simplistic as you wish. So, Let me walk you through what has been done to this image.

-Hair bright (This is used to make sure the hair stands out from the image, this includes brightening of the highlights to give that glossy look)
-Eye bright (To make the eyes pop more.)
-Make up enhancement (Pretty self explanatory)
-Colour correction
-Skin retouch / Blemish removal (removal of spots ect)
-Skin softening / Airbrushing

-Contouring (make contours more defined )

If you where in a studio, or perhaps on location with distractions in the image, I then would..

-Seam removal for backdrops
-Backdrop repairs

Retouching available from just 2 pound per image, or if you are a photographer and you have a batch of images, discounts are available.

More retouching examples are available on demand, But they will also be added to the blog at a later date.

Contact me for retouching by emailing

*All this retouching comes as standard as part of a fashion or glamour shoot, unless requested otherwise, Other retouching such as creative photo manipulation (Replacing the backgrounds etc) Are considerably more, Contact me and we can work on your project.


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