My Wife and My Mother


Every photographer has that thing that inspires them, Someone who pushes them to be their absolute best. Well, Meet my two inspirational people. My mother and My wife. They have so much time for me, whether I want to try some wacky Ideas, Or I need some advice, These two lovely ladies are always there for me. Which I cannot thank them enough for. Here is some of Photos from recent shoots that we have done together. Enjoy.


Week two ‘Clouds’

Week two 'clouds'

Here is my week two installment of my 52 week project. You may have already seen this particular picture. Yes, this is my wedding shot from Sarah and Craig’s wedding. (See previous post) The week two picture is pretty much self explanatory. Clouds. I love this picture because it is so dramatic in black and white. The way the clouds are positioned make it seem like a silver lining on the couple. Just the little things I like.